Newsletter – Q2 – 2018


Hello Industry Friends!


WVFG 2018 2Q Newsletter


Hello industry friends and enthusiasts!

We realize we are a bit tardy in getting this 2Q newsletter out. We’ve had a fair amount of movement and some last minute items we were waiting on to include, so better late than never, we say (unless you’re producing a film, of course… then, it’s better on time and within budget, always!). Enjoy.

In this Newsletter:

▪ Board Update
▪ VP & Secretary Nominations
▪ Film Production Training with Meredith Jordan
▪ Grant Update
▪ Casting & Crew Calls
▪ Mindhunter Casting
▪ Back in the Saddle Crew Call
▪ Industry News
▪ Academy Award Nominated Short “Heroin(e)” Coming to Lakeview
▪ And More!

Board Update
VP & Secretary Nominations
Film Production Training with Meredith Jordan
Grant Update
Casting & Crew Calls
Mindhunter Casting
Back in the Saddle Crew Call
Industry News
Academy Award Nominated Short “Heroin(e)” Coming to Lakeview
And More!


Guild Updates & News



Open Board Position Nominations

We will hold elections at our next member meeting to fill vacant board positions. The meeting will be scheduled for September. Additional details will be provided about the member meeting and elections once they are finalized.

We are requesting nominations. If you or anyone you know is interested in a WVFG board position, please email the WVFG at

Snapshot of Roles & Responsibilities

Vice President:
* Attend monthly board meetings and member meetings
* Attend Guild events
* Stand in for President when President is not available
* Support decision making on training, initiatives, and other topics impacting the Guild

* Attend monthly board meetings and member meetings
* Attend Guild events
* Create and disseminate meeting minutes
* Support decision making on training, initiatives, and other topics impacting the Guild



Next Member Meeting & Workshops

Member Meeting Coming in September:

The next WVFG member meeting will be in September in Flatwoods, WV. Specifics will be provided as soon as they are available.

Industry Training Coming in October:

“Understanding Film Production: A Primer for Business, Crew and Potential Hires” with Meredith Jordan

In this training, host Meredith Jordan provides a holistic look at movie production that includes all aspects and all players. The core material is based on research for Below the Line: Anatomy of a Successful Movie. The book, to be published by Citation Press this Fall, is based on her imbedding start-to-finish with a major motion picture.

Specific details on time and location will be provided at a later date.



Grants Update

We applied for a Monongalia County Grant earlier this year. Unfortunately, it was not awarded to us. We are eligible to apply again next year.

We received the 2017 Charles Naillor Foundation Grant in the amount of $3000 earlier this year.

Grant Opportunities:
We’ve helped other projects receive grant funds, and we’d love to help you. If you have a grant of any sort that you believe you or your organization might qualify for, we are willing to help you complete and submit the grant. Contact for more info.


FB IMG 1533677590449

Member Spotlight – Donna Linsell

The WVFG Board is excited to feature member Donna Linsell as our 2018 2Q Member Spotlight!

Having left her Information Technology position with the Federal Government in 2009, Donna was looking to expand her photography hobby. She was also involved with the local Actors Guild of Parkersburg, and through those contacts, she secured her first film gig as an unpaid behind-the-scenes photographer! She shares, “Although it was not even a “no-low”….more like a “no-none”….a new interest was born!”

Donna also shares, “Parkersburg, West Virginia is not what you would call a film hub. Not even close. So to be interested in this business and live in this location means travel. I only worked on one other local film in Marietta, Ohio, and again it was a “no-none.”

Since that first film, however, Donna has worked her way up…. in continuity as Script Supervisor and also as 2nd AD, 1st AD, Line Producer, and Production Manager. Her previous education, training, and work experience in project management have lent themselves easily to managing actors, film crews, budgets, and schedules.

The largest budget, and thus largest crew Donna worked with, was on Hollow Creek, written and produced by Floridian Guisela Moro. It was shot in two counties in West Virginia and also shot in Florida. Donna began the first day of shooting, once again, as a behind-the-scenes photographer. She had taken the job voluntarily because it was a great opportunity. By the end of the day, she was hired as a paid Script Supervisor. By the second half of the film, she was the Production Manager, and her small photography business became the pass-through entity for the film’s expenses.

Donna encourages others with her story. “I tell this story to many beginning film enthusiasts. Don’t skip over a job just because it’s not paid. There’s experience to be gained. There’s networking to be done. There could be a paid job behind it.”

Donna currently live in Mineral Wells, WV; near Parkersburg. She enjoys her quiet on a dead-end road (they are the last house) in the country with her husband Erik, dog Angus, cats Cassie and Torrie, and four chickens named Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, and Dinner.

Donna says she gets to work on 1 to 3 movies a year. “Things have slowed down since the Film Office has closed.” Meanwhile, she takes pictures, sells jewelry, does crafts and paints, and plays with her five grandchildren. In closing, she says, “Guisela and I are kicking around the idea of another movie…” And we look forward to hearing about it!

Member Spotlight Nominations

We would love to receive nominations from you for our quarterly Member Spotlight Feature! If you have someone you’d like to nominate, please email us at

Please provide the name of your nomination and include two to three sentences as to why you are nominating the individual.

We look forward to receiving your nominations!


Local Industry Updates & News



Heroin(e) Documentary Coming to Morgantown

Academy Award Nominated short documentary “Heroin(e)” is scheduled for viewing at Lakeview on September 13. Check the WVFG Facebook page for updates and more information.

Film Synopsis (from Academy Award page)
Huntington, West Virginia, known as the overdose capital of America, sees an average of five to seven deaths from drug overdoses every day. Three women — a fire chief, a drug court judge and the head of an outreach ministry — are attempting to take back their community by using compassion to break the cycle of despair and addiction.


Back in the Saddle Slated for October Production

back in the saddle 1

A relationship therapist turns to a dating app…

“Back in the Saddle,” is a slice-of-life wry comedy that reflects the human condition and our challenges with, and approach to, relationships in the modern era. It follows the characters of Mally Jenkins and Robbie Reed (played by NY City-based actor Mark Epperson), as they meet for the first time in person after connecting on a dating app. Written and Directed by Ronda Suder, production is scheduled for the first week in October in the Cheat Lake area.

WVFG President Steve Kwiatkowski is First AD on the film, and Pittsuburgh talent Aeryon Moore will be brining his years of experience and visual creativity to the project as Director of Photography.

Crew Call

The production is currently crewing up and is seeking PAs, BTS support, and other crew positions. For more information or to get involved, email

To keep up to date and for more information about the film, visit the Back in the Saddle website.


Actor Mark Epperson


Actress, Director, Writer, Ronda Suder


Mindhunter Casting

The WVFG is excited to partner with Mindhunter to support local casting efforts!

Now Casting Paid Background Actors
If you can’t make the casting call you can submit your info on the website!

West Virginia Promo Flyer MH S2


Dean Cain and Jessica Lynch Meet & Greet in Clarksburg, WV

Actor Dean Cain and POW Jessica Lynch were in Clarksburg, WV at a meet and greet in early June. Cain was promoting local filmmaking as part of the event.


WVFG Member Ronda Suder with Actor Dean Cain

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Dean Cain graciously signs autographs at event

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WVFG Member Ronda Suder with POW Jessica Lynch



Crew & Casting Calls

To stay informed of upcoming local casting and crew calls, check the WVFG Facebook pages frequently at:

Industry and Local News Requests

Do you have information about local and industry news that you would like to have included in the WVFG quarterly newsletter, inlcuding projects, casting calls, and more? Email us by September 15 at with the details.



Coming Soon

▪ New and Improved Website
▪ Charity and Networking Events

New and Improved Website
Charity and Networking Events



Yours truly,
Your West Virginia Filmmaker’s Guild Board