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Payment Options: Check, Cash & PayPal. Companies can become a sponsor with a donation of $50. Your company will receive an information page on our website including a brief write-up, logo, as well as links.  Status Individual : $30.00 USD – yearlyCorporate : $50.00 USD – yearly Those looking to donate in larger amounts are… Continue reading MEMBERSHIP REQUEST

Workshop Request Form

The West Virginia Filmmakers Guild offers workshops throughout the state by talented working professionals in the Entertainment Industry.  Expand your knowledge now and you just may learn a new skill. Loading…

Crew Call

Looking for a crew for your next production? There are some mighty talented guild members that may be able to fill positions. Loading…

Locations Workshop June 24 & 25

Interested in working in the film industry?  The West Virginia tax incentive has recently been restored, attracting more productions to the state this past year and the need for Location Scouts and Location Managers are in demand. This is a great opportunity to learn how productions work behind the scenes.  BUY TICKETS NOW Sell tickets… Continue reading Locations Workshop June 24 & 25

#YESWV – Ready for Lights, Camera, Action

From the beautiful mountains to bold rivers, hardwood forests, rustic farmlands, and small towns and cities, find your next perfect location in West Virginia.[Location Library] Find experienced actors and crew members from all across the Mountain State to help your next production shine.   [Crew Directory] Whether you’re looking for the perfect location for your next film… Continue reading #YESWV – Ready for Lights, Camera, Action