Locations Workshop June 24 & 25

Interested in working in the film industry?  The West Virginia tax incentive has recently been restored, attracting more productions to the state this past year and the need for Location Scouts and Location Managers are in demand.

This is a great opportunity to learn how productions work behind the scenes. 

LODGINGHoliday Inn, Morgantown

Be sure to mention: WV Filmmakers Guild Locations Workshop to receive a room discount!  $119 for 2 queens or $114 for King

West Virginia Filmmakers Guild and the West Virginia Film Office will be holding a two day Locations workshop taught by Curt Wilmot in Morgantown.  


Curt Wilmot has spent twenty years at 20th Century Fox Studios working on “Cop Rock”, “LA LAW”, “ Civil Wars” and “NYPD Blue”.   He has worked on several feature films and  popular reality shows “Fear Factor” and “The Apprentice”.

“Like most people who get into the profession of Location Management, the job finds the unexpected future professional.  I quickly learned that this job was crucial to creating the “look” of the show.  Depending on what the script called for, I was the person taking pictures of various houses, restaurants, schools that would ultimately be what millions of people saw on television.  So, creatively this was an important job.  And I worked closely with most other departments regarding their needs on location.  While I am employed by the production, I worked for the location as well.  You have to follow through and make everyone happy and know what restrictions and boundaries are established.  If the writers decide three episodes later they want to go back to the same location, you will want to film there again. 

The job entails getting city permits, hiring security, police, negotiating all contracts, procuring parking lots for parking trucks, crew and managing what can sometimes feel like a circus out in the world.

If you want to have any longevity in the business of film and television, it’s always important to navigate all the logistics of production and enjoy the journey simultaneously.”  ~ Curt Wilmot


We will provide lunch, beverages, snacks and coffee for both days. 

QUESTIONS? – You can email us at wvfilmguild@gmail.com